Baryta Soft Cotton Fine Art Paper


Baryta Soft Cotton Fine Art Printing Materials


The Baryta Soft Cotton Fine Art Paper is ideal for high-contrast images, as well as fluorescent and lively colors. The Baryta base creates whiter whites and deeper blacks, while a smooth, glossy reflective coating enhances the detail and clarity of any image.

純白色的Baryta紙非常適合高對比度圖像,以及熒光和活潑的色彩。 該Baryta基地創造更白的白色和更深的黑色,而柔滑光滑的反光塗層增強了任何圖像的細節和清晰度。

24/36/42/44/60 in | WIDTH ( 闊 )

315gsm | WEIGHT ( 重量 )

Very Fine texture | TEXTURE ( 紋理 )

Matte white | PAPER TONE ( 表面 )

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